S4HANA readiness check 2.0

SAP has released the S4HANA readiness check 2.0. This blog will answer the following questions: How to install S4HANA readiness check 2.0? SAP OSS note 2758146 – SAP Readiness Check 2.0 & Next Generation SAP Business Scenario Recommendations and 2913617 – SAP Readiness Check 2.0 contain all the installation instructions. Short sequence of steps: Next … Continue reading “S4HANA readiness check 2.0”

Using remote ATC for S4HANA readiness checks

In the blog on readiness check 2.0¬†we explained how you can perform analysis on your system as preparation for the S4HANA upgrade. This blog will explain how to run detailed analysis on your custom code as preparation for S4HANA upgrade. Pre-condition is that you have installed 7.52 netweaver system and done the configuration for remote … Continue reading “Using remote ATC for S4HANA readiness checks”

SAP Readiness check for Cloud ALM

SAP will stop supporting SAP solution manager by 31.12.2027. All its functions will be migrated to SAP Cloud ALM. The SAP readiness check for Cloud ALM will check the usage of current functions in your SAP solution manager and will validate if replacements in Cloud ALM are already present. Since Cloud ALM is constantly growing … Continue reading “SAP Readiness check for Cloud ALM”

SAP Readiness Check for SAP S/4HANA upgrades

The SAP readiness check is normally used to asses the impact of an ECC to an S4HANA system upgrade or conversion (read this blog). It can also be used to asses the impact of an upgrade of a lower S4HANA version to a newer S4HANA version. Preparation for the S4HANA readiness check First apply the … Continue reading “SAP Readiness Check for SAP S/4HANA upgrades”

S4HANA conversion preparations

You are going for S4HANA conversion if your start release is ECC6.0. Then you are not only upgrading your system, but actually a large part of your data (financial data, stock data, customer data, vendor data, etc) is converted from the ECC 6.0 to the S4HANA data model. A great amount of preparations are required … Continue reading “S4HANA conversion preparations”

S4HANA upgrade preparations

When you are already using S4HANA, you will still want to regularly upgrade to the newest version. This blog will explain the preparation steps for a next upgrade. If you are looking for information about S4HANA conversion (from ECC to S4HANA): read this dedicated blog on S4HANA conversion preparations. Questions that will be answered are: … Continue reading “S4HANA upgrade preparations”

S4HANA upgrade preparation steps for simplification items

This blog will explain on the S4HANA upgrade preparation steps for the simplification items. Questions that will be answered are: How to prepare for the S4HANA upgrade? How to get an overview on the S4HANA preparation items that need action? How to re-run a single S4HANA preparation item check? For more information on other preparation … Continue reading “S4HANA upgrade preparation steps for simplification items”

Setting up S4HANA custom code adjustments

You have just upgraded to S4HANA in your sandbox or development system. SPAU and SPAU_ENH processing are done. Next step is the S4HANA custom code adjustments. Questions that will be answered in this blog are: Importing the SCI variants Goto transaction SCI and select the option Utilities and then Import Check Variants. This action will … Continue reading “Setting up S4HANA custom code adjustments”

S/4 HANA readiness check

SAP has released S4HANA readiness check 2.0. Please read this blog on the new tool version. If you want to use old version, please read on. This blog explains the new tool for SAP customers to prepare for S/4 HANA upgrade: S/4 HANA readiness check. Questions that will be answered are: What is the S/4 … Continue reading “S/4 HANA readiness check”

System usage: ST03N

For many different purposes you need insights into your system usage. Which transactions are used and how intensive. This blog will explain the system workload usage tool ST03N. The other usage tool SCMON ABAP call monitoring is explained in this blog. Questions that will be answered are: Use of ST03N Start transaction ST03N. In the … Continue reading “System usage: ST03N”