SAP batch job interception

This blog will explain how to setup SAP batch job interception.

Questions that will be answered in this blog are:

  • How to activate SAP batch job interception?
  • How does an intercepted job look like?

Activating SAP batch job interception

Before you can begin the setup of the batch job interception you must run program INITXBP2 in SE38:

Program INITXBP2

Next you have to start transaction CRIT and create the profiles.

Transaction CRIT to manage job interception criteria

First create the default SAP profile by clicking on the SAP logo. Activate it. Next step is to create the profile in which you want to do the interception. In the screen above click on the create profile button. Now enter a criteria. For simplicity we have called it interception. In our case we intercept all except a list of authorized users. In the user list we include the basis users and the background users (in this example WF-BATCH). Save the data.

Next step is to activate this profile:

Activate interception proflie

Working of interception

When a batch job is planned the interception checks if the job should be intercepted or not. As a test logon as end user and launch a job. In our case the user ENDUSER tries to launch a job from SLG2 transaction to delete application logs. This jobs is intercepted ans shows like this in SM37:

Intercepted job

The job does not start immediately, but shows in intercepted state. If user with release rights now goes to SM37 for this job, he can release the intercepted job.


Stop and start batch jobs for maintenance

This blog explains how to mass stop and mass start batch jobs as admin. This especially usefull putting the SAP system in maintenance mode. Maintenance mode can be needed for upgrade, support package patching or data conversion.

Questions that will be answered are:

  • How to mass stop batch jobs?
  • Can I plan new jobs I need during the suspend mode?
  • How to mass start batch jobs again?

Stopping all batch jobs for maintenance mode

Stop all batch jobs: start transaction SE38 and start program BTCTRNS1.

BTCTRNS1 output

All currently planned jobs will be put into a Released/Suspendeded mode:

Batch jobs suspended mode

This means the already planned jobs (periodically or not) will not be started.

During this suspend mode new jobs can be planned by admin. These new jobs will be executed.

Starting all batch jobs after end of maintenance

Start all batch jobs again: start transaction SE38 and start program BTCTRNS2.

BTCTRNS2 output