S4HANA readiness check 2.0

SAP has released the S4HANA readiness check 2.0. This blog will answer the following questions: How to install S4HANA readiness check 2.0? How to run the S4HANA readiness check 2.0? How to see the results for the S4HANA readiness check 2.0? What are the differences between the old and the new 2.0 version? Where to … Continue reading “S4HANA readiness check 2.0”

Using remote ATC for S4HANA readiness checks

In one of the previous blogs we explained how you can perform analysis on your system as preparation for the S4HANA upgrade. This blog will explain how to run detailed analysis on your custom code as preparation for S4HANA upgrade. Pre-condition is that you have installed 7.52 netweaver system and done the configuration for remote … Continue reading “Using remote ATC for S4HANA readiness checks”

Setting up S4HANA custom code adjustments

You have just upgraded to S4HANA in your sandbox or development system. SPAU and SPAU_ENH processing are done. Next step is the S4HANA custom code adjustments. Questions that will be answered in this blog are: How to import the SCI variants for S4HANA custom code adjustments? How to import the latest simplification database into your … Continue reading “Setting up S4HANA custom code adjustments”

S/4 HANA readiness check

SAP has release S4HANA readiness check 2.0. Please read this blog on the new tool version. If you want to use old version, please read on. This blog explains the new tool for SAP customers to prepare for S/4 HANA upgrade: S/4 HANA readiness check. Questions that will be answered are: What is the S/4 … Continue reading “S/4 HANA readiness check”

Enabling ATC for remote checks

By using a Netweaver 7.52 server (or newer) you can use that server a central ATC server for running the ATC. For explanation on ATC itself, please check this blog. Questions that will be answered in this blog are: What are reasons for running remote ATC checks? How to set up remote ATC checks? Which … Continue reading “Enabling ATC for remote checks”

SCI: SAP code inspector

SAP code inspector is a SAP delivered tool to quickly inspect your custom built ABAP code. This blog will answer following questions: Why use SAP code inspector? SAP code inspector versus other source code scanner tools How to setup SAP code inspector? Which SCI checks are recommended in general? Which SCI checks are a must … Continue reading “SCI: SAP code inspector”


Interesting ABAP topics: ADS (Adobe Document Server): Tips & tricks Code profiling and search: ATC: managing complete custom code base Code analysis before upgrade with CDMC toolset Remote ATC setup Remote ATC baselining function Remote ATC S/4 HANA readiness check Run SCI on standard SAP or add-on Scanning ABAP code SCI: SAP code inspector Set … Continue reading “ABAP”


Interesting basis topics: ADS (Adobe Document Server): Tips & tricks Basis: ABAP update administration Enque and lock table analysis qRFC tips & tricks SAP message server Setup operation modes Setup parallel processing Batch jobs Batch job interception Batch jobs tips & tricks Stop and start batch jobs for maintenance ¬†Configuration: Set up custom IMG node … Continue reading “Basis”